Catoosa Wildlife Management Area Closure Schedule 2018-2019 (updated 1/14/2019)

As of 2018, the WMA Is generally open except during the Wildlife Rest Period
On days with hunts, the area is open; however, there may be delays in entering/exiting
Feb 1 through last Friday in March 2019
  Management Area Closure (closed to ALL)
Apr 5-7, 2019   Turkey hunt
Apr 9-11, 2019   Turkey hunt
Apr 13-14, 2019   Turkey hunt
Apr 16-21, 2019   Turkey hunt
Apr 23-28, 2019   Turkey hunt

Catoosa is currently:

Next Open Date:

Remember that this place can get expensive if you are in there when it is closed.

For the latest info, see:
Source document for this information - page 56
Cumberland Trail Website
TWRA Website